Yazoo City School of Dance

Offering quality dance instruction in Yazoo City, Mississippi.

2019-2020 Dance Class Offerings


3:30-4:15pm       Pre-ballet                           Ages 3 ½ - 4            $45/month   

4:15-5:00pm       Jazz/Tap I                          Ages 5-8                  $45/month    

5:00-6:00pm       Beginning Ballet IV/V         Ages 8-11                $50month

6:00-7:00pm       Teen Contemporary Dance    Ages 12+                 $50/month

                           *Contemporary/Modern Dance, Jazz, Hip Hop fusion

7:00-8:15pm       Int. Ballet + Pointe             Ages 13+                 $55/month

                            *Pointe requires approval of director


4:15-5:00pm      Beginning Ballet 1             Ages 5-6                  $45/month   

5:00-6:00pm      Beginning Ballet II/III         Ages 7-8                  $50/month

6:00-7:00pm      Jazz/Tap II                         Ages 8-11                $50/month     

7:00-8:15pm      Intermediate Ballet            Ages 12+                 $55/month

Please click on REGISTRATION INFORMATION above to register online or attend Registration Day on Saturday, August 24 from 10am-noon at the Triangle Cultural Center. 

*A non-refundable registration fee of $25 per family plus September's tuition is required at the time of registration.

*Receive 10% discount off total monthly fee per family for more than one class per week.

*Classes begin September 10 & 12, 2019 and meet weekly through mid-May.